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Discuss your vision

we gather the required data in order to find the best candidates that would match your vision: hard and soft skills, preferred locations, timeline and budget.

Step 1


Data processing

Based on what we`ve learned from you, we offer the timing and the process that would be tailored to your company.

Step 2


Recruitment KICK OFF

Our professional recruitment team would contact specialists in our database, hold interviews and offer the best matching ones. The process is fully customisable: staging, home task, timing, HR questions, soft skills check, English test, etc.

Step 3


Hiring and onboarding

Only the best cndidates are hired and presented to the team. We take proper care of them during the onboarding process and provide constant HR support

Step 4


Hiring steps

We support Israel's democracy and stand with Ukraine

Our leadership

Shlomi Aflalo
Our company, led by experienced Israel software entrepreneur Shlomi Aflalo, provides a range of expert software development solutions that help businesses grow and succeed.


Kate Kubasova
Kate Kubasova leads our operations with her expertise as an entrepreneur, certified HRD, and business trainer. Her knowledge and experience have driven success in both large corporations and fast-growing startups.

Some of our clients

We provide software engineering services that cover the entire development cycle.

Software development services.

Outsourcing is a service that companies use when they need to get work done but don't have the people, time or resources to do it themselves. We provide a full range of software development services, from project management and requirements analysis to design, Implementation, testing, and maintenance. We provide services for all kind of platforms: IOS, Android, Windows, Web.

Build a remote team/extend your existing team.

A remote team is a type of employment where a hired person carries out all job duties for a company. We can help you extend your development team with experienced developers located in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. We create a successful remote team that promotes collaboration, innovation, and productivity.


We can help small startups establish a development team and provide their software development needs, allowing the founders to focus on growing their business. Cost effective R&D team. MVP solution, research and consulting


Our team of experienced DevOps engineers can help you optimise your software development and delivery process. Our QA team works closely with developers, product managers, and other stakeholders to ensure that quality is built into every stage of the software development lifecycle.

Some of the main technologies we work with.



Trust is our guiding principle, which means staying true to our words and principles and always being committed to mutual success.


Transparency is not just a buzzword, it's our way of doing business, with transparent pricing and effective, open communication at the core.


We are willing to make changes and adapt to the unique processes of our clients to develop solutions that meet individual needs.


Software development for your business with trust at the core. 

We have the experience and expertise to support companies at every stage of their growth.

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I'm glad that in 5Blue we have environment where I  feel care for and trust. Our positive atmosphere allows us to work together effectively and deliver excellent results for our customers.

PHP developer

Igor Tsapiro

I appreciate the company's format - it's not too large, but also not too small. This allows us to generate outstanding ideas, foster great communication within our team, and also have fun together.

Automation QA

Pavlo Tiutiunnyk

At 5Blue, we have a clear vision and goals, which guide our work and keep us on track. We also prioritize work-life balance and strive to maintain a positive atmosphere. I love it so much!


Valeriia Biriukova

What our employees say about us

We stand with Ukraine

We know the ecosystem in Ukraine and Israel, understand needs of both sides. We collaborate and build successful businesses for our clients all over the world.

5Blue Software is a leading software development company based in Israel, with a team of highly skilled engineers located in Ukraine and around the world. We work with companies of various sizes, offering a wide range of software development services, from outstaffing to full-scale software development projects.

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Our customers' reviews

Our experience with 5Blue Software has been outstanding, primarily due to their exceptional Ukrainian R&D team. I also feel great HR support that is provided to the team, making their lives much easier. Therefore, I have complete trust in their ability to adapt to our changing needs and assist us with any challenges we encounter.

Dan Bar-Yehuda

VP R&D at RxWare

I wanted to take a moment to share my sincere appreciation for the services provided by 5Blue Software we have been collaborating with for several years. Their team of engineers is truly great, consistently demonstrating a deep understanding of their job and delivering remarkable results. We have always felt valued and supported throughout our engagement with them, and are happy with transparent communication, timely responses, and commitment.

Gal Shenhav

VP R&D at Cellwize

Our experience working with 5Blue Software on our project has been highly professional and enjoyable. Currently, we are actively involved in another project with the same team. Over the years, we have developed a strong and trusting relationship with Shlomi Aflalo, appreciating his vast expertise and experience.

Ran Shnaiderman

Founder, CEO at Made

Shlomi has been an integral part of our team for numerous years, contributing significantly to the development of multiple products. Over the years, we have successfully integrated engineers from 5Blue Software into several of our R&D groups, where they have excelled in backend, frontend, and QA roles. The candidates` quality and recruitment process are exceptional, which is a testament to the support provided by 5Blue. They ensure that 5Blue engineers have everything necessary to excel in their roles and continue their valuable work.

Eran Kroitoru

Head of R&D Operations at Taboola

5Blue Software took over technical support and maintenance for the Android and iOS app from another company. They quickly aligned and stabilized the app's status, providing excellent service in issue resolution and feature additions. Despite limited information provided by us, the team successfully learned the app's source code and performed exceptionally well. Their adaptability and commitment to excellence are remarkable.

Elad Argov

Head of Development at Metropolinet

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